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Since ancient times, men have adorned their fingers with rings in order to display marital status, privilege and wealth. Even in the modern days, men like to wear club rings, society rings and college rings that have a private or personal significance for them.

Benefits of rings for men

  • By wearing a gold band, you can make it pretty obvious that you have exited the marriage market and are committed to your spouse. Thus, you can enjoy nights out without attracting undesirable advances.

  • Best rings for men can serve as accessories for your total attire and add extra oomph to your personality. Gemstone rings especially add a dollop of colour to your ensemble.

  • Rings on Pinky fingers can indicate your affiliation with entities like a favourite sports team or club, a political party or even your college.

  • Some rings are made of expensive materials like gold. They are a great way to express your status as a man who has accomplished a high position in society.

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Status of rings on specific fingers

As a modern man, you can wear rings on any finger of your choice. Having said that, there are yet some traditional practices and expectations. Some of these are followed in modern times, while others have been discarded in the trash can of history.

  • Ring finger

The ring for this finger is usually worn by the common man in the form of a wedding band. It is worn on the left hand, usually in the US and Europe. But go with whatever is comfortable – a lefty can wear the ring on the right hand so that it does not interfere with routine tasks.

The ring finger has been adorned with wedding bands for many centuries; it is based on the idea that it is the only finger featuring an unbroken vein (Vena Amoris) that leads directly to the heart. This is a purely romantic fallacy regarding mens designer rings.

  • Pinky

In the realm of men’s jewellery, the Pinky finger ring has special benefits. It is adorned on a finger that is basically decorative, which will not hamper any tasks you do with your hand. 

Historically, this finger was assigned to wear signet rings, which were used to sign documents by pressing the face of the ring into hot wax, thus creating a seal. But this tradition has become neglected due to the advent of self-sealing envelopes and ball-point pens. In the last 100 years, the Pinky finger has been used to celebrate club rings and college rings, usually featuring an ornate seal, court of arms and pattern.

  • Middle finger

This finger is least used while adorning hands. It is not due to tradition that it is left bare, but because it is close to the index finger, it tends to be more active. Such proximity implies that heavy rings on the middle fingers can make some tasks awkward. Another factor is that since the middle fingers are the biggest, the dainty rings on them can seem misplaced. Yet traditionally, middle finger rings are worn on the hand other than the one adorned with a wedding band.

Having said that, middle finger rings are not dictated by historical baggage. You can wear whatever kind of ring you like. But a bulky ring on your biggest finger can interfere with your tasks and are best avoided.

  • Index finger

This finger is used for pointing at objects. In the ancient past, persons in high office would adorn their index finger with a signet ring featuring a family crest. In modern times, you can wear a ring on this finger even if you lack a family crest, but it is good to go in for a big ring if you desire to make a statement.

  • Thumb ring

Consider this finger as that which has been treated with steroids. First of all, the thumb is a big finger, requiring a big ring. Also, thumb rings are very less common, so they will serve as statement pieces. Donning a thumb ring along with a Pinky finger ring makes for an excellent combination.

Types of rings for men

  • Men’s signet rings

They are the most traditional and old-school rings. As suggested by the name, signet rings must have some kind of symbol or sign on them. Typically, these will be motifs of college or clubs or even a court of arms. Yet, you can get the symbol of your favourite football team engraved on them or you can use a design personally created for you.

Signet rings are typically crafted with gold and can be worn on the Pinky finger of either hand or, more unusually, on the index finger. It is possible to buy rings for men online and get them engraved with a personal statement.

  • Wedding rings

Typically worn on the ring finger of the left hand, such wedding rings for men are made of gold or silver with a simple yet delicate design. For these, other metals, such as platinum and tungsten, are becoming popular. Diamond wedding rings for men are also catching up in popularity.

  • Pinky rings

It is any ring worn on the smallest finger of the hand. Typically, they are like signet rings but need not be so always. They are usually small and will not interfere with tasks. Men’s Pinky rings can be made of a wide range of materials like plastic, gold or leather.

  • Thumb rings

A thumb ring is useful if you don’t wish to overburden the hands with excessive jewellery. There is a lot of space on this finger, so you can go in for something flashy like skull rings. Materials for rings can be varied like Tanzanite or Stainless steel.

Style tips for men’s rings

  • Be ambidextrous

Similar to any accessory, less amounts to more when it comes to rings. Overloading hands with individual pieces become tough to discern.

  • Get the right scale

Like clothing, the fit of rings matter. The scale of jewellery is crucial to keep in mind, and do not go for awkward combinations like tiny rings on the pianist’s fingers. Big rings suit men with large hands.

  • Matching of metals

In the traditional world, using clashing metals in jewellery signifies a lack of care. Some easy pointers are like making all your jewellery in gold or silver but never mixing both. Yet, in modern times, pairing a gold ring with a steel watch is no longer a faux pas.

  • Consider your lifestyle

For normal, routine workdays at the office, it is good to go in for subtle rather than flashy. Select something timeless, but avoid overly intricate designs. Rings are worn all the time, so it is good to go in for something understated.

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In sum, these are some of the major aspects regarding men’s rings. Though less common, they serve as fashion statements, expressions of the personality of the wearer or affiliation with a club or any other organization. There are subtle factors governing their use on each finger.


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