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Affordable and Elegant Jewellery Gifts for Every Occasion

Jewellery has always been a timeless and cherished gift, a symbol of love, commitment, and appreciation. At Starkle, we understand the value of these sentiments and believe that the best jewelry gifts don't have to break the bank. Whether it's for a special occasion like a birthday or a wedding or just a heartfelt gesture to show your love, we offer a stunning collection of jewellery under 20000. Join us as we explore the exquisite options to make every moment memorable.

Jewellery Under 6000 Rupees: Affordable Elegance  

When it comes to finding beautiful and budget-friendly jewellery, Starkle is the ideal destination. Our collection of jewellery under 6000 rupees offers you a wide range of options to choose from, ensuring that you can find the perfect piece to express your love and appreciation.

Earrings under 6000 Rupees

Diamond Stud Earrings: A timeless classic, diamond stud earrings are a versatile and elegant choice that can compliment any outfit. Our selection includes stunning designs that will surely capture her heart.

Gemstone Drop Earrings: Add a pop of colour to her collection with our gemstone drop earrings. These pieces are stylish and unique, making them an excellent choice for special occasions.

Necklaces under 6000 Rupees

Pendant Necklaces: Delicate and meaningful, pendant necklaces are an excellent way to showcase your love. Our affordable options include heart-shaped pendants, infinity symbols, and more, all crafted with precision and care.

Birthstone Necklaces: Personalize her gift with a birthstone necklace. These pieces are sentimental and available in various styles to suit her taste.

Rings under 6000 Rupees

Promise Rings: Promise rings symbolize your commitment and love. Our collection features beautifully designed promise rings with sparkling accents that will convey your devotion.

Stackable Rings: Create a unique stackable ring set that represents the special moments in your relationship. Our affordable stackable rings are designed for versatility and style.

Wedding Jewellery Under 6000 Rupees: Celebrating Love and Unity

Your wedding day is one of the most important milestones in your life, and the jewellery you choose should reflect the occasion's significance. Starkle offers a selection of wedding jewellery under 6000 rupees that combines elegance with affordability.

Bridal Necklace Sets under 6000 Rupees

Traditional Kundan Sets: Embrace the rich heritage of Indian weddings with our Kundan necklace sets. These intricate and timeless pieces exude regal charm and are perfect for the bride.

Pearl and Crystal Sets: For a more contemporary look, explore our pearl jewellery set. They offer a touch of sophistication and can be cherished for years to come.

Wedding Earrings under 6000 Rupees

Chandelier Earrings: Make a statement with chandelier earrings that are both glamorous and affordable. These earrings will add a touch of luxury to your wedding ensemble.

Jhumka Earrings: Celebrate tradition with jhumka earrings reimagined for the modern bride. Our collection includes intricate designs that capture the essence of Indian culture.

Mangalsutra Designs under 6000 Rupees

Modern Mangalsutras: Redefine tradition with our modern mangalsutra designs. These pieces are crafted with precision and feature contemporary twists on the classic symbol of marital unity.

Layered Mangalsutras: Opt for a layered mangalsutra from Starkle’s collection of gold jewellery under 10000 that combines multiple chains and pendants. This unique take on a traditional piece symbolizes your love's depth.

Birthday Jewellery for Wife Under 6000 Rupees: Sparkling Surprises

Your wife's birthday is a special occasion to celebrate the love and joy she brings into your life. Surprise her with a thoughtful and dazzling gift from our collection of birthday jewellery for wife under 6000 rupees.

Birthday Necklaces under 6000 Rupees

Heart-Shaped Necklaces: Express your love with a heart-shaped necklace conveying affection. These pieces are available in various metals and styles to suit her taste.

Personalized Name Necklaces: Add a personal touch to her gift with a name necklace. Customize it with her name or a meaningful word to make her birthday even more special.

Birthday Earrings under 6000 Rupees

Birthstone Earrings: Show that you remember her special day with birthstone earrings. Choose her birthstone or a gem that holds significance in her life.

Hoop Earrings: Classic and versatile hoop earrings are a wardrobe staple. Our collection includes hoop earrings with a twist featuring intricate designs and gemstone accents.

Birthday Rings under 6000 Rupees

Engraved Rings: An engraved ring makes her birthday gift even more memorable. Personalize it with a heartfelt message or date that holds meaning for both of you.

Statement Rings: Let her shine on her special day with a statement ring. These bold and stylish pieces are sure to make her birthday unforgettable.

Gifting Made Special With Starkle’s Affordable Luxury

At Starkle, we believe in the power of meaningful and affordable jewellery gifts. Every piece we offer is crafted with precision, quality, and love, ensuring your gift will be cherished for years. Apart from these beautiful pieces, we also provide you with a wide range of options in jewellery under 10,000 collections. Shop with us today and make every moment with your wife a memory that sparkles with love and appreciation.