Star StudsStar Studs
₹4,634 ₹5,002

Star Studs

You save: ₹368.00

Chevron studs, Gold studs for women, earringsChevron studs, Gold studs for women, earrings

Chevron Studs

xo studs, small earrings, gold earrings, fine jewelleryxo studs, small earrings, gold earrings, fine jewellery

XO Studs

Line StudsLine Studs

Line Studs

Star Flower StudsStar Flower Studs
Made in Turkey
Hamsa Studs - StarkleHamsa Studs - Starkle

Hamsa Studs

Shimmer Heart Set
Made in TurkeySold out

Shimmer Heart Set

Roman Hoop Set
Last one!

Roman Hoop Set

Evil Eye Bead Studs | Light Blue
Made in Turkey
Textured Heart StudsTextured Heart Studs
Made in TurkeySold out
Textured Triangle Studs
Made in Turkey
Textured Star StudsTextured Star Studs
Made in Turkey
Textured Raindrop StudsTextured Raindrop Studs
Made in Turkey
Textured Papillion StudsTextured Papillion Studs
Made in Turkey
Textured Infinity StudsTextured Infinity Studs
Made in Turkey
Textured Hexa Studs
Made in Turkey
Snowball Studs
Made in Turkey

Snowball Studs

Mini Snowball Studs
Made in Turkey
Half Papillion Studs
Made in TurkeySold out
Cute Kitty Studs
Made in Turkey

Cute Kitty Studs

Basic Pearl StudsBasic Pearl Studs
₹26,804 ₹29,782

Basic Pearl Studs

You save: ₹2,978.00

Silk Bead StudsSilk Bead Studs
Made in Turkey

Silk Bead Studs

Rouge Studs

Rouge Studs

Daisy StudsDaisy Studs

Daisy Studs

Moon StudsMoon Studs

Moon Studs

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Add Luster to Your Personality With the Best Earrings for Women

At Starkle, we understand the value of jewelry for a woman. When it comes to earrings, women wish to have the best piece they can find. To address the requirements of our valued customers, we facilitate the best earring for women. With our earrings, you can have the elegance and appeal you wish to have in your personality. 

We offer the best earrings for women seeking a piece of jewelry for an occasion, regular use, office wear, etc. Our jewelry enables you to stand tall in the crowd and have the confidence that provides gravity in your personality. Along with the elegance of our jewelry, you also receive quality at an affordable price along with the resale value. 

Explore a Wide Collection of Designer Earrings for Girls

These are some of the designer earrings for girls we provide to our valued customers:-

Studs: It is among minimalist designer earrings for girls with a singular point attached to a post that can pass through the earlobe. It has a removable back that keeps the earring in place. It may be a bare metal or a piece mounted with a small gemstone or a singular design created to attract the attention of the eyes around. There are distinct varieties available in stud earrings, and you can choose the one per your fashion choice. These are one of the most preferred earrings for their aesthetic appeal and comfort they provide to women. Women can wear these on occasion or regularly. 

Drops: These earrings hang below the earlobe and remain stationary despite the person wearing it walking or swinging the head. These earrings are simple but elegant and have a length to them. These hang below the earlobe and give you the charm that attracts the eyes. You can use these as required and have the elegance that boosts your self-confidence. 

Hoops: These earrings have the shape of a hoop and loop and go around the earlobe from the front to the back. Most hoops available are round and have distinct sizes and shapes, from small, medium, and large. You can choose the one you feel appeals to your personality and fashion choice. You can have a glamorous look by wearing either hoops on our list. 

Solitaire: Solitaire earrings are those that have a piece of diamond or other gemstone in them. Wearing these facilitates you with the lustrous and glamorous appearance that you want. These are one of the most sophisticated pieces available for women to choose from. Choosing these to wear is one of the most fashion-oriented choices. 

What Makes Starkle a Reliable Platform for Stylish Earrings for Girls?

We offer a large variety of earrings of distinct sizes, shapes, and specifications to make a selection. We understand your requirements and facilitate stylish earrings for girls that give them a better personality. We have a streamlined system that delivers you the product that you choose. Here are some of the reasons to choose us for having the earrings:-

Convenience to Buy Earrings for Ladies Online

We have a panel that enables you to place your orders online. With us, you do not need to come to our place and can select your preferred jewelry by exploring our well-organized and regulated panel. Our easy-to-use and explore interface allows you to scrutinize distinct sections to make a rational choice. With the same, you can have the best deal. 

Grade-A Quality

When it comes to quality, we do not make any compromises and offer you the best products. You can trust our products to have the originality that we display through our panel. We offer fine-tuned jewelry that provides value for every penny invested. 

Budget-Friendly Price

We understand the significance of price for our customers. We wish to be inclusive and offer our valued customers a more reasonable price. With the same, you do not need to compromise with your fashion choice. 

Our latest collection of nose pins blend appropriately with earrings you purchase. You can have the one to enhance your elegance.