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Lab Grown Diamond Studs

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0.4ct Round Studs0.4ct Round Studs
0.4ct Round Studs ₹0₹23,812 ₹0₹26,345
you save ₹2,533

Available in:

0.4ct Princess Studs0.4ct Princess Studs
0.4ct Princess Studs ₹0₹32,509 ₹0₹36,069
you save ₹3,560

Available in:

0.6ct Round Studs0.6ct Round Studs
0.6ct Round Studs ₹0₹33,607 ₹0₹37,611
you save ₹4,004

Available in:

0.6ct Princess Studs0.6ct Princess Studs
0.6ct Princess Studs ₹0₹43,546 ₹0₹48,886
you save ₹5,340

Available in:

1ct Round Studs1ct Round Studs
1ct Round Studs ₹0₹57,640 ₹0₹65,056
you save ₹7,416

Available in:

1ct Princess Studs1ct Princess Studs
1ct Princess Studs ₹0₹69,908 ₹0₹79,549
you save ₹9,641

Available in:


Buy The Best Lab Grown Diamond Stud Earrings At Starkle

Diamonds have a charisma that exudes sophistication and celebrates feminism. It is the epitome of grace and elegance. Even a single piece of diamond jewellery adds to your beauty. They are a symbol of class and prestige and timeless pieces that women cherish for years and hand down to generations as heirlooms. If you wish to invest in the most wanted precious stone lab grown diamond earrings make for a perfect choice. 

The lab grown diamond studs have become quite popular in recent years. Considering the increasing demand for buyers, we came up with Starkle. Our brand aims to meet diverse needs of women with our aesthetically designed earrings. 

What Makes Our Lab Diamond Stud Special?

Our lab grown diamond earrings are lab-certified and worth the investment. You can even fetch a good resale value on our diamond studs. Though lab-grown, our diamonds look as real as natural. They can be paired with any outfit and other pieces of jewellery. They are not only easy to clean but durable as well. Whether you are looking for a traditional or formal look, the diamond earrings are a suitable choice. 

The lab-grown diamonds are environment friendly and less controversial. Qualified and skilled professionals produce them and there are no questions about the origin. The contemporary design of our lab diamond earrings is the cherry on the cake. 

Tips to Consider When Buying Lab Grown Solitaire Earrings

The first step to look for when buying lab grown solitaire earrings is to research the company and its reputation. The lab-grown diamonds will have a grading report from a renowned lab. 

They are priced at least 40% less than the natural diamonds. Earth-mined diamonds are more expensive. Lab diamonds look identical to lab-grown ones. There is a wide array of choices when it comes to the shape and size of the lab-grown diamond. Though most people love colourless diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are available in different colours, as well as pink and blue. 

You must consider the 4Cs- cut, clarity, colour, and carat even for lab-grown diamonds. This determines the quality of the diamond as well as the cost. The lab grown solitaire earrings are less costly, so you can get a better deal for the money you spend. Never buy a solitaire if it doesn’t come with a certified grading report from a reputable lab. Full disclosure is a must. 

You must not hesitate to ask a question or two from the seller to rest assured about your purchase. After all, you are investing a significant amount of money in diamonds, and it is essential to make informed decisions. 

Are Lab Grown Studs Expensive Than Natural Diamonds?

The lab grown earrings studs re inexpensive as compared to the natural ones. Manufacturing lab-grown diamonds doesn’t take several years; hence, they are not as expensive. Usually, lab-grown diamond earrings are sold at 30-40% less than natural diamonds. 

It is one of the best choices for people wishing to invest in a diamond within a budget. They look as good as the natural ones, and even trained gemologists can’t differentiate between them. They also have the same molecular structure as natural diamonds. 

How Long Do Diamond Earrings Lab Grown Last?

The lab grown studs last as long as you want them to. They are as good as natural diamonds; just that they are manufactured in a lab. There is no deterioration in quality over time. You can easily choose diamond earrings lab grown without worrying about the durability. 

Why Choose Our Lab made Diamond Stud Earrings

Our brand was established with an aim to meet the need for contemporary lab made diamond earrings. At Starkle, we have designed jewellery keeping in mind the need of buyers looking for something new. With our diamond earrings lab grown, you can overcome the challenges of imitation jewellery without investing in expensive traditional jewellery.

Each piece of earrings is a reflection of a modern-day woman. Our earrings can be used as daily wear jewellery pieces. Even the resale value of our earrings is significant enough to get good returns on your investment. 

Our designs are created after thorough research to keep up with the latest trends. The earrings are authentic and come with a hallmark. The diamonds are lab certified, which adds to their credibility. 

Our lab-grown diamond earrings can be bought online without any hassle. We also offer easy refunds, cancellation, warranty, and lifetime- exchange policy. We offer a variety of diamond earrings suitable for all kinds of budgets. You can also buy jewellery under 10000 from our website. 

If you are looking for lab diamond studs under a specific budget or for gifting, we also have jewellery under 6000 for our patrons. We believe in meeting the diversified needs of our buyers and aspire to become a one-stop-shop for your diamond jewellery needs. 

Want to invest in a timeless piece of diamond earrings? Explore Starkle's webpage and make a lovely pair of earrings yours! For any query or information, connect with our team today!