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The meaning and symbolism of Promise rings are highly fluid. For some, it may mean a precursor of engagement and wedding rings, while for others; it may only mean a deep friendship.

After all, relationships between couples can take a wide array of meanings. While engagement rings may be special for some couples, other couples may not wish to pursue a wedding in the future or may not have reached that stage of commitment. It is for the latter that promise rings have the right use.

Promise rings for couples are a classic jewellery option for symbolising your commitment to your partner without launching the process of wedding planning. These rings exude the values of fidelity and love between partners, often indicating a point where they are committed to each other but are not looking to marry in the near future. Thus, they can be either a prelude to an engagement ring or symbolise a stand-alone promise.

While not as common as engagement rings, promise rings can serve as a fitting and symbolic style of jewellery for couples of all ages.


The practice of gifting rings as a sign of commitment dates back to many centuries. The tradition dates back to ancient Rome, when it was a symbol of promise for marriage in the future. This custom percolated to different cultures, and in Christian tradition, they came to symbolize chastity.

Promise rings became part of vintage jewellery, especially as Posey rings in the 14th century. In such rings, there would be special messages engraved in the inner band. Historically, posey rings were exchanged between romantic partners or even friends to indicate love.

This tradition evolved into Victorian jewellery when rings were carved with special messages using colourful gemstones. But this has given way to promise rings, which do not usually represent a commitment to marriage. It is simply a promise of fidelity and is popular with couples of all ages.

There has been resurgence in the popularity of promise rings in the modern era because of their common use by some celebrities. Today, promise rings can vary in style, and those made of diamonds, precious metals, and gemstones are highly popular. Gold couple rings cost a great deal but are very popular.

Symbolism and meaning

The traditional gifting of promise rings is after a period of dating, as the ‘next step’. You share more than just a ‘relationship’ but are not ready to announce the intention of marriage.

Thus, a promise ring is an excellent way for couples to mark their commitment to each other, but outside the bounds of marriage. Couples who are averse to the ceremony of marriage but still wish to stay committed to each other find a great option with promise rings. 

Examples are teenage couples who wish to stay committed to each other but are too young to enter into a marital commitment. Because of youth or simply to buck tradition, promise rings serve to indicate love and commitment to each other.

Promise rings carry much meaning. They are symbols of commitment, fidelity, and love. They are typically exchanged by couples who are still hesitant about marriage but still wish to express an intention of a future together.

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When to gift a promise ring?

Promise rings are exchanged between dating partners to symbolise a fresh level of commitment in a relationship. A most common use of promise rings is as a prelude to an engagement leading to marriage, but they can be gifted without marriage as a prospect.

There are different situations of dating in which promise rings are gifted. For instance, a couple who met each other in grad school may not like to have a big wedding. They may not have graduated and may not have the finances to hold a wedding or may not want a long period of engagement. In this kind of situation, a promise ring is the best solution to show commitment without an engagement or wedding in mind.

Even a couple who has reached a further stage in their relationship might not want a wedding in the near future. Yet they are strongly committed to each other. A promise ring will showcase their love for each other without starting any plans for a future wedding.

Whether the horizon of your relationship is a continuation of your current relationship or a ceremony for commitment, or a traditional wedding, a promise ring will help showcase your continual commitment to your partner.

Kinds of rings

Promise rings of modern times can assume varying sizes and shapes. Such rings may be a simple band, a colourful gemstone ring or a diamond ring. With the ring, you are making a personal promise to your partner, and so, the kind of ring you choose must also be based on your personal preferences.

Following are the common kinds of promise rings:

  • Diamond rings

Diamond promise rings are popular for their sparkle and elegance. Mostly, they symbolize an enduring commitment to love and affection. Such rings usually feature either a solitaire diamond or a couple of small diamonds set in precious metals like silver or gold.

  • Birthstone rings

These are highly personal and unique rings. Typically, they feature gemstones corresponding to the birth month of the wearer. This contributes a personal touch to the promise of the wearer and represents his/her individuality.

  • Heart shaped rings

These are classical options for romantic rings. The heart shape is a symbol of love, rendering it a popular preference for couples who wish to express their devotion and affection.

  • Claddagh rings

They originate from Ireland. They display two hands holding a heart with a crown on top. Such hands indicate friendship, while the crown stands for loyalty and the heart for love. These rings are a lovely way to express your commitment.

When to give

It is important to choose the right moment to gift a promise ring. It can be at an anniversary or a special date, or any important event in the relationship between the couple.

While gifting, it is also crucial to clearly express your intentions and feelings so that it serves as a heart-felt gesture.

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 How to wear

It is common to wear promise rings on any finger of your choice. But the most popular way is to wear it on the ring finger of the left hand. The latter is associated with romance and commitment.

In sum, a promise ring is the way in which couples express their commitment and love. Whether it is for a teenage couple too young for marriage or partners with

much personality differences or a couple who desire a more non-traditional commitment, promise rings serve as a great way to express their feelings and emotions.

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