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Solitaire jewellery design online

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30% off making2mm Solitaire Studs2mm Solitaire Studs
2mm Solitaire Studs ₹0₹10,032 ₹0₹10,566
you save ₹534

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30% off making2mm Solitaire Stud (SINGLE)2mm Solitaire Stud (SINGLE)
2mm Solitaire Stud (SINGLE) ₹0₹5,305 ₹0₹5,695
you save ₹390

Available in:

Starkle LuxeSold outSpiral Heart Studs
Spiral Heart Studs ₹0₹51,459 ₹0₹54,652
you save ₹3,193

Available in:

Starkle LuxeHeart Embrace StudsHeart Embrace Studs
Heart Embrace Studs ₹0₹35,041 ₹0₹36,709
you save ₹1,668

Available in:

Halo Heart Necklace | Rose GoldHalo Heart Necklace | Rose Gold
Halo Heart Necklace | Rose Gold ₹0₹33,877 ₹0₹36,915
you save ₹3,038

Available in:

30% off makingHalo Heart BraceletHalo Heart Bracelet
Halo Heart Bracelet ₹0₹40,836 ₹0₹42,784
you save ₹1,948

Available in:

Starkle LuxeHalo Heart Necklace | White GoldHalo Heart Necklace | White Gold
Halo Heart Necklace | White Gold ₹0₹26,852 ₹0₹29,139
you save ₹2,287
Starkle LuxeHalo Heart Necklace | Yellow GoldHalo Heart Necklace | Yellow Gold
Halo Heart Necklace | Yellow Gold ₹0₹27,892 ₹0₹30,220
you save ₹2,328

Available in:


Find Classic and Enchanting Solitaire Jewellery Design Online at Starkle 

Jewellery is one such accessory that every woman owns in one or other form. Solitaire jewellery has emerged as one of the most popular pieces of jewellery that women want in some form. Be it earrings, pendants, or bracelets, solitaires make a great choice. They are so minimal yet magnificent! The sparkling shine of the solitaire offers any jewellery a spectacular look and instantly grabs the attention of the onlookers. 

If you want minimal and unique solitaire jewellery design online, Starkle is the perfect store for you. Earlier, people would not imagine buying precious jewellery online. However, Starkle is trying to transform the jewellery buying practices with our authentic solitaire jewellery store that sells different types of certified jewellery online. 

Top Solitaire Jewellery Store 

Gold solitaire jewellery is an investment that involves a significant sum of money. It is important to choose a reliable and reputed solitaire jewellery store that does justice with what they deliver. We are a one-stop shop for all your solitaire jewellery needs. Our lab-grown solitaires set in different types of jewellery, such as bracelets, earrings, and pendants, are a must-have in your jewellery collection. 

With our solitaire jewellery, you can rest assured about the quality. Our solitaires are certified, and any jewellery you choose will last long. 

One-stop-shop for Solitaire Jewellery 

One of the best things about Starkle is that you can find different types of solitaire jewellery online in one place. We have dainty and beautiful solitaire earrings, which are so versatile that you can pair them with any casual, formal, or party look. 

Our charming solitaire bracelets are equally attractive. They add to the beauty of your overall appearance. The solitaire necklace set looks spectacular and offers a premium and opulent jewellery feel. It is no less than a style statement in itself. You can wear a solitaire pendant chain with your little black dress on a date or an elegant dress at a wedding. You can also wear them with a blazer suit or a floral dress for brunch. 

Our solitaire jewellery is suitable for women of all ages. They are a reflection of elegance and class woven together in beautiful jewellery pieces. We take pride that our esteemed buyers can find their favourites at our solitaire jewellery store. 

Contemporary Solitaire Jewellery for Women 

Women’s love for jewellery is known to all. They have been wearing beautiful accessories for years. However, over the years, there has been a drastic transformation in the tastes and preferences of women. Modern-day women like minimal jewellery with contemporary designs. 

We at Starkle understand this shift and have curated contemporary solitaire jewellery for women collections. The unique designs will spoil you for choices. Each piece of our solitaire jewellery is crafted to perfection by our skilled craftsmen. They are perfect for women of all ages and all walks of life. Our single solitaire diamond necklace can be an extension of the personality of our modern-day women. 

Dainty Single Solitaire Diamond Necklace 

Though diamond jewellery in any design and size is appealing and charming, something is enchanting about the dainty single solitaire diamond necklace. They are minimal in size, but that’s the beauty of solitaire jewellery, which makes them attractive. 

The single diamond necklace is suitable for parties as well as everyday wear. Some women prefer wearing solitaire diamond chains as a routine as there is no hassle of changing jewellery with different outfits or occasions. It goes with all types of outfits, so one doesn’t need to change it often. That’s the beauty of a solitaire necklace; it’s versatile. 

We have especially designed dainty solitaire jewellery for women with minimal designs. With solitaires, the designs need to be minimal as the main attraction of a single diamond, whether a pendant, bracelet, earring, or ring. If the designs are elaborate, the glamour of solitaire will get overpowered, and who wants that? 

Affordable Solitaire Jewellery Price 

With Starkle, you can find affordable solitaire jewellery online. We aim to offer quality jewellery in an economical range so that more and more women can enjoy access to our collection. You can compare solitaire jewellery price at other offline and online stores, but we are sure you will keep returning to Starkle for our best prices. 

We have priced our collection in different price ranges so everyone can find something within their budget. When solitaires are also available in budget options, you can choose them for gifting. What better than solitaire jewellery for memorable occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries? 

Apart from our solitaire jewellery, we offer a fantastic range of gold pendants for women. For women who like traditional jewellery, gold pendants are a great choice. Starkle has a lovely collection of womens diamond choker necklace worth exploring. Our unique, versatile, and stylish collection will speak for itself and impress you at first glance.