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Sanitizers and Jewellery

With Covid-19, our use of sanitizer has become regular and frequent. While it is absolutely necessary for you to follow covid-related precautions, sanitizer use can be detrimental to your jewellery, particularly 14k and 18k jewellery.  Most Sanitizers contain a high percentage of alcohol or other chemicals like chlorine that can impact the quality of your jewellery like lack of shine, dulled colour or discolouration and loss of lustre and brilliance of stones. 

We recommend removing your jewellery when you use sanitizers and putting it back on only after the sanitizer has dried.
In case you accidentally get sanitizer on your jewellery, remove the piece and wash it separately with soap and warm water to get rid of the chemicals.

We also recommend having your jewellery polished through us or a local jewellery every 1.5 years or so to maintain its shine.


We provide free lifetime polishing service. If you feel your piece is losing its shine, you can bring it to one of our stores and we will have it polished for you free of charge. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us to arrange for pick-up, polish and delivery of your piece. 
NOTE: While there are no polishing charges, shipping charges for pick-up and delivery will be borne by the customer.