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Article: Starkle- creating minimalistic fine jewellery for millennials

Starkle- creating minimalistic fine jewellery for millennials

Fine jewellery holds immense value for us. From expressing one’s love to celebrating life’s important milestones, presenting jewellery is regarded as the perfect way to mark these occasions. However, the perception of jewellery differs among generations. Our parents’ generation (baby boomers and Generation X) sees jewellery as an investment and a way to demonstrate of one’s wealth. Millennials, (those born between 1981-1996) on the other hand prefer to consumer rather than save so for them, it’s more about self expression and self-enhancement and less about the investment.

Before founding Starkle, I set out in search of some simple pieces of fine jewellery that I could wear every day. But after ages of searching, I found that none of the popular jewellery stores, even the ones with a huge online presence could meet my needs. The jewellery was expensive and their designs were boring, old and extremely gaudy! Even the online jewellery retailers that claim to have lower prices have deceptively high margins. Those pieces would perhaps have made someone like my grandmother really happy, but for me, they were a huge NO.

Overhauling Jewellery Retail

In the current industry landscape, incumbent jewellers exist primarily to serve the older generation. And we cannot blame them. Baby boomers and Generation X are heavy spenders and drive the profits of these retailers. However, this means that there are barely any brands in the market that millennials like us can relate to. After all, we tend to gravitate more towards brands whose values match ours and provide us with a proposition that satisfies our discerning demands.

Clearly, while the apparel and artificial jewellery retailers in India have evolved with the generations, the fine jewellery industry is lagging behind. It’s sad that the older generations have a much wider choice in gold and diamond jewellery while there are barely any stores that are targeting us.

The birth of Starkle

Starkle is a brand that creates minimalistic everyday wear fine jewellery for millennials at affordable rates. We make bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces. Our contemporary designs are the result of extensive research on the latest fashion and accessory trends and translating them into gold, diamond and gemstone jewellery. Our prices are economical and do not have the high margins that traditional jewellers typically have. As a result, you will not just be able to find atypical and beautiful designs at Starkle but will also be able to afford them. And not just that, you will be able to buy more jewellery for the same amount of money you would have spent at a traditional jeweller’s store. So go on and start creating your own personal collection of fine jewellery!

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