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Article: Celebrate Joy, Celebrate Life, Celebrate Love, #CelebrateYou

Celebrate Joy, Celebrate Life, Celebrate Love, #CelebrateYou

Celebrate Joy, Celebrate Life, Celebrate Love, #CelebrateYou

 “To be or not to be” troubles the modern day woman as much as it has troubled the Shakespearean legend, Hamlet. In a world where you constantly play the part of a selfless daughter, wife or a mother, it is crucial to strike a balance and learn the art of serving yourself without letting the guilt weigh you down. Your joy and desires are as significant as your duty towards others which is why we believe that it is essential to celebrate yourself and plant seeds of self-love in your being.

Here's how you can embrace the #CelebrateYou movement:

 Treat Yourself

Be the Secret Santa that you always wanted someone else to be for you. There should be no guilt in rewarding yourself with a special something like a spa day, or the perfume you really wanted, or that piece of jewellery you want to add to your collection. A little self-indulgence every now and then is good for the soul.




Adorn yourself

You are a modern day woman combating patriarchy and shattering glass ceilings. You don’t need a man to get you that ring your heart desires. So, like everything else you do, take charge and get yourself that bling to appease your inner goddess.

 Love yourself

In a world dominated by social media we are constantly seeking love and validation from others. However, in the process, we forget to love ourselves. So, don't let others guide your actions and practise a little self-love. Eat the whole pizza, go out in your sweatpants and ditch the negativity from your life.


 Live for yourself

Weighed down by the responsibilities and the expectations of the world, you owe yourself some guilt-free joy and undivided attention. “What if” is not a pleasant shade to paint your canvas of life. Create your bucket list and start ticking off each item. Appreciate the greatest gift of life before it passes you by.

Know you are worth it

Make “I am worth it” your new mantra of life. You deserve every bit of importance, love and care that you extend to the near and dear ones in your life. When was the last time you were kind to yourself? If you can’t think of a moment of kindness you extended your way in the past week then you are doing it wrong.


Philosophers and Sages often say, “a life lived in the service of others is a life fulfilled.” But nobody ever emphasises the significance of living for yourself.

We at Starkle firmly believe in the essence of celebrating yourself. You carry an entire universe within you and we vow to provide your beautiful galaxy its own sparkle. 





- Priyanshi Sharma




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Beautiful commentary on self love and self respect.

Kawaljit Kaur

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