Made in Italy
Starkle Luxe

Red Butterfly Necklace

Made with BIS Hallmarked Gold
Color: Yellow
Size: Made to order (takes upto 3 weeks) Ready to ship!


This Red Butterfly Necklace is made with hallmarked 18K gold and handmade cathedral enamel, crafted with care in Italy. Its intricate details and vibrant colors make it a beautiful statement piece. Perfect to add a gorgeous pop of color to any outfit.

The term "cathedral enamel" refers to the effect created by the technique, which resembles the stained glass windows of a cathedral. The translucent enamel allows light to pass through, creating a luminous effect that is similar to the way light passes through stained glass. The technique requires a high degree of skill and patience, as each layer of enamel must be carefully applied and fired to ensure a smooth and even finish.

 BIS Hallmarked 18k Gold
Gold wt: 2.31 g   approx.

Our Guarantee

BIS Hallmarked Gold and Independent Lab Certified Diamonds

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